Project Resume

Wirerope Works, Inc. Project Resume

Bethlehem Wire Rope® products have been incorporated into many structural and offshore projects. These diverse structures require a quality product, knowledge of current technologies and engineering practices, proper facilities and experience gained from past jobs. Wirerope Works, Inc. is a proven performer.

1959  Pan Am Terminal
pan am

1963  Dulles International Airport

1967  Madison Square Garden
madison square gardens

1979  Carrier Dome
carrier dome

1981  Metrodome

1986  Brooklyn Bridge
brooklyn bridge

1991  Denver International Airport
denver airport

1993  Arecibo Observatory
arecibo observatory

1994  Enserch Garden Banks FPF
enserch garden banks

1995  Rauma Oryx Viosca Knoll 826 Neptune Spar

2003  Buzzards Bay Vertical Lift Bridge
buzzards bay