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Boom Pendants and Wire Ropes

  • Strand Pendants and Wire Rope
  • Wire Rope Sockets
  • Bridge Sockets

Bethlehem Wire Rope and Strand Pendants

Bethlehem Wire Rope and Strand Pendants are used for boom suspension systems on excavating equipment. Pendants consist of wire rope or galvanized strand with appropriate end fittings. Important considerations when ordering pendants are:

  • Prestretching
  • Striping
  • Measuring @ required load
  • Packaging (reel size, number of pieces per reel)
  • End fittings (dimensions, pin sizes)
  • Pin orientation
  • Dampers
  • Product (rope or strand)
  • Size, strength and weight
  • Modulus of elasticity
  • Length and reference points
  • Length tolerances

Rope Pendants

Rope pendants may be supplied in 6x19, 6x36 or 6x61 Class wire rope.

Strand Pendants

Structural strand provides high modulus of elasticity, high strengthto- weight ratio and a relatively small diameter per unit of strength. Galvanized steel structural strand is manufactured to meet ASTM A-586 in sizes through 51/2” diameter. Our in-house galvanizing and stranding facilities allow us the flexibility to manufacture zinc-coated structural strand to various specifications. Refer to strand data at right.

For other sizes not shown, contact Wirerope Works, Inc. Customer Service Department or your Regional Sales Manager.